Is compound floor formaldehyde high?

Dec 11, 2019
The composite floor structure is divided into wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, base layer and balance layer. The base material is high-density fiberboard, and the glue containing formaldehyde is used in the production, so the composite floor still contains a certain amount of formaldehyde.
In the national standard, formaldehyde content is used to measure whether the floor is environmentally friendly. According to the amount of formaldehyde released, the floor is divided into E1 and E0 grades. Reaching E1 grade indicates that the floor is environmentally friendly and can be used safely. Of course, it is better to purchase E0 grade. The free formaldehyde content of E1 grade is ≤ 9mg / 100g and the formaldehyde content of E0 grade is ≤ 3mg / 100g.


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