ELEME FLOORING Inc a floor coverings supplier and distributor in America. We supply kinds of healthy and waterproof flooring, which includes WPC flooring, Vinyl Sheet, Waterproof Laminate flooring, Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl flooring. We have specialized in flooring products for over 10 years, we provide excellent flooring with superior quality and unique patterns.

We have 10 years of sales experience in the U.S. We sell our products on Amazon, Ebay and our own online store. We also supply our products to American domestically companies.

ELEME FLOORING Inc located in NEW JERSEY. Our customers’ satisfaction and happiness are of the most importance to us. We are glad to help you find the most suitable product to meet your needs of a comfortable life. We’d love to hear from you.


Our mantra at ELEME FLOORING has always been “Something For Everyone.” We give customers effortless access to the best selection of products from around the world. We consider ourselves a meticulously curated one-stop shop—we carry over 700 standard items in our inventory, most of which are stocked locally for quick delivery. For many years we have traveled the globe, in pursuit of finding the best materials and remain passionately committed to continuously seeking out the best as our industry evolves. Complete with full-bespoke capabilities, we believe in truly “having it all,” and making it easily accessible for our customers. This is why we have become a trusted and respected institution for architects, designers, developers, and homeowners.

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